Now in Progress!

11th Annual Silver Jewelry Catalog Auction Event: September 3 through October 5


WEEK 1 * 50% - WEEK 5 * 90% OFF


Over 400 pieces of silver jewelry will be brought in to our showroom for this event.  Items range from antique and vintage to modern and contemporary with a handful that were new.  Some items are collectible including designer “signed” pieces.  These items are available for inspection in our showroom for five weeks only, or until sold.  Copies of the catalog are available in our showroom.  Each piece is tagged with a number that corresponds to the catalog listing of the item’s description, pricing, and markdowns.  Prices and markdowns are based on the items’ retail replacement value.  Prices for the event start at half of retail.  The second week of the sale, items are marked down to 60% off of retail.  The third week items are marked down to 70% off of retail.  The fourth week items are marked down to 80% off retail.  The fifth and final week, items are marked down to 90% off retail.  NOTE: A few gold items are reduced down to 80% as a final price as the 90% off would make them below the value of the gold. Items are available to be purchased according to the catalog listed markdown schedule.  However, bids may be placed on items for any of the upcoming week’s markdowns.  If, for example, no on else has placed a bid on an item for the week five markdown of 90% off retail, you may bid on that piece of jewelry at that price.  If someone else wants to bid on (or buy) that piece of jewelry, they will have to go to at least the week four markdown of 80% off retail.  If no one else bids on that item, or purchases it during an earlier week, the piece is yours!


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